My AtoZ of Chennai: Book Review by ishaspire

About the Book (as shared by the author) –
If you thought Chennai was only about the Heat, Filter Kaapi, Temples and Kanjeevaram Sarees, let me tell you, I had thought so too!
Till I moved here!
Living in Chennai has made me realise that there is much more to this city than what is usually expected. You only have to look, rather know where to look, to find it.
My curiosity leads to some interesting discoveries and I have compiled them all for you. Here you have them, all on a platter…errr…in an Ebook, ‘My A to Z of Chennai: The City Viewed Through An Outsiders Eye.’
Enjoy, Macha!


I have been to Chennai once. I had gone for a religious purpose and had stayed at my cousins place. Being a Gujarati, Chennai came across as a very different place to me. I have not been to much of South India and know little about it’s people and culture. There were quite a few instances that I could relate with because of my brief two to three day trip.

The author has covered so many different aspects of the city – from the unique religious practices to shopping to local cuisine to Tollywood and also CSK! Hats off to the amount of research that has gone in to share with the readers a rich account about her ‘city-in-law’

I enjoyed the virtual tour of the city and I have made a mental note of the places that I want to visit on my next trip. (Whenever it happens) I’m also looking forward to brag about my newly gained knowledge about the city to my cousin sister and brother-in-law who live in Chennai. I know now, which ice cream parlour to suggest and which night club to go to! 😉

The book shall serve as a perfect little guide for tourists planning to explore th e city.

I would in particular love to go for the safari.

The chapters are precise and to the point and the language is simple. In total the book has 36 pages and 26 chapters. I would recommend you to read this book if you wish to be briefly acquainted with interesting trivia of South India.

On a side note I feel, pictures would’ve been a lovely addition to the book and would’ve aided the reading. I missed looking at beautiful pictures of Mylapore or the bazaars and churches and not to forget, the beaches, while reading the chapters.

All in all, hats of to the efforts and for successfully introducing an outsider to the beautiful city of Chennai.

Go on a virtual journey of Chennai. Download the book for free here!

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