The Adventures of the JP Family – Book Review by ishaspire

About the Book:

26 witty and humorous short stories, running through the Alphabets from a to Z.

Get ready to be entertained and amused with this hilarious account of the ordinary everyday lives of The JP Family – the affable JayPrakash Uncle, the formidable but kindly Aunt and their two young sons – Raju and Raghu.

This is my second review for the Blogchatter eBook Carnival. I had been eyeing this book since the time I had read a couple of blogs by the author.

If I’m to summarize the experience of reading this book in 3 words, they would be – Refreshing, Humourous and Relatable! I’d like to further categorize the review in the following manner –

Chatacters: The characters of the stories, JaiPrakash Uncle, the aunt and the sons Raju and Raghu, all come across as fun-loving and vivacious. They love cracking jokes and brightens up the days in the household with their harmless, funny comments. I enjoyed the interactions within the family so much that I almost felt compelled to meet them in person! If only all families had such characters who could almost effortlessly make each other smile.

Style of Writing: Simple, easy to understand and jargon-free with ample amount of witty dialogues to keep you chuckling – the style of writing in particular made the book a breeze to read!

Setting of the Stories: I believe the family resides in a South Indian city. The scenes are mostly set in the humble JP household. Sometimes the kitchen features while sometimes the school of the kids.

What to Expect: Be ready for a fun,light-hearted read. The book will leave you with a smile on your face and will make you relive many moments of fun from your own life. You might end up saying to yourself – ‘Oh, yes that has happened with me too!’ of course with a amused smile on your face!

My favourite chapter from the book has been – Parent Teacher Meeting. Loved the mischievous, fun-loving side of JP Uncle! πŸ™‚

All in all, I believe the book has many essential elements for it to be turned into a well-liked web series if the author can further build up on the stories!

It has humor, it has fun, relatable characters, it has simple and easy to procure props and settings! I’m sure the series would garner a good enough fan following!

The author, I must say, has a great sense of humor to find reasons for laughter even in the mundane day to day life. Keep smiling, keep writing and keep sharing! Congratulations for your very first eBook, many more to come! πŸ™‚

Grab a free copy of the book here!

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