The Success Paradox

The news today is disturbing. It raises questions in my mind, making me think again about a certain topic – ‘The Success Paradox’ What are the parameters of success?! How should we define success? Is our chase to achieve success, making us participate in a game of unmanageable stress and fatigue? How often do we check the balance scales that have ‘non-monetary’ and the ‘monetary’ aspects on each of it’s sides? Is what we want and what we have in life well-aligned? Have we gone too far to achieve what we want not, what we need not? Do we spend time attending to supposedly important quests? Is the stress worth it? A vicious circle, an un-avoidable trap, pressurizing economic turmoils: is there a way-out? If there is, are we willing to choose it? Are we wanting to live a life that is perhaps not glorifying as per ‘industry standards’ but is peaceful and definitely also meaningful? When shall we start measuring the ROI in terms of happiness and mental peace? When shall we start giving ‘peace’ it’s due importance? Is it failure in resilience that led to the circumstances or could there be something wrong with the definition of success? Is this first such incident or have many similar such incidents happened in the past? A lot of questions, a lot of observations…

You can read VG Sidhhartha’s last letter here.

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  1. Ah what a profound thought. I actually wrote a post on this – how do you define success and I realized that success isn’t an obstacle race but should be treated like a pie chart where things that are important to you feature as a metric to defining success for you.

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    1. That’s a lovely take. Reminds me of the jar concept. The most important should come first. Sadly we often forget to prioritize peace. Thank you Suchita for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. It all boils down to choices, which are now more directed by society / peer pressure than we admit when we begin. It s a bottomless pit , as we can see from so many depression cases / suicides all over the world. Hope we can save our loved ones from this madness.

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  3. Lots of questions here, Isha
    We all need to define success for ourselves keeping in mind the ways to integrate all aspects of life. Often, we give preference to one over all others and end up in an imbalance.

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    1. Genius is in knowing when to stop! As competition keeps on increasing, we all need to consciously make efforts to cope with the stress and prioritize mental peace.


    1. Thank you Surbhi. I couldn’t work that day, it was so devastating and started reassessing the priorities. But, got to keep finding a balance. This was quite a wake up call.


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