Peter Rabbit: A trip back to your childhood! [Movie Review]

Adorable cottontails, twitching noses and endless plots to defeat the ‘rabbit-hater’ neighbor – Mr. McGregor – Peter Rabbit is a fun movie that can guarantee to take you down the memory lane! With an army of rebellious little rabbits namely – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Benjamin Bunny, town life certainly isn’t as peaceful as it seems! 😉

First page from a book of Peter Rabbit

From the choice of dialogues to the crisp and clear animation, the movie is a pure delight to watch for not just kids but also grown-ups. The beautiful, fairy-tale like town as portrayed in the movie is likely to charm you into your own dreamworld, wishing that you’d had the chance to once live there. Picket fences, cozy cottages, clear blue skies, plenty of refreshing greenery and soothing lakes for boating define the town where the bunnies, Bea and Mr. McGregor live.

A still from the movie – Peter Rabbit

Let not the innocent bunny eyes trick you into thinking that these little fluffy creatures are completely harmless! They can wreak a havoc worse than you’d imagine in your nightmare! And while, they’re at it, you can be sure of some chuckles and laughter.
I recall having a book of Beatrix Potter’s – Peter Rabbit as a kid and a look at the posters of the movie brought back those very flashbacks. I planned with my friend and went for the movie. Peter the rabbit made us go ‘aww’ every time he pulled up a cute expression and made us laugh out loud with his witty antics to keep Mr. McGregor at bay.
Peter Rabbit is voiced by James Corden in this movie by Will Cluck.

Peter Rabbit – Book Cover

Grab a tub of popcorn, take the kids at your home for a treat – time to recapture some good ol’ memories! While the food allergy scene might have hurt sentiments, an apology from Sony hopefully shall lead to acceptance of this otherwise fun, innocent movie.

Peter Rabbit – Movie Poster

Catch the trailer here –

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