Hello, New Year!

Here I am, having lived another 365 days which were rather ‘eventful’ Flashbacks can either make you smile or sigh…and for me, flashbacks from 2017, does both. Quite a few lessons were learnt and quite a few memories were made – 2017 was special in many ways. I vaguely remember how the year had begun… One thing that I’m sure about is that I’ve grown as an individual with all the experiences that 2017 had to offer me with. Not yet quite there where I would’ve liked to be but well ahead, I hope… To begin with I’d like to list 5 things that this year taught me 

 My 5 Takeaways from 2017

1. As I started earning, I realized the importance of financial independence


This year I began with my first investment plan after having a couple of detailed sessions with papa’s financial adviser. Now, I have to get into the habit of saving a portion of my earnings every month. Doesn’t feel that good currently, but, I’m hoping that years down the line, I’ll be glad of this decision, as uncle claims.

2. Meaning of the word ‘family’ is under-stated


In the month of May, I for the first time realized how death of a family member can impact one’s life. One of my closest friend lost her father and she took up all the responsibilities with a smile and since then she has been my role-model. It’s always a little awkward to express our love for our parents, especially, dads. That day I gave my dad, a tight hug. Spend as much time as you can with your family. No matter how clichéd it may sound, make them your best buddies and surprise them with unexpected happy moments. You’re gonna be glad that you did. I’m sure I can say that for me. Not sure, about the situation of  whoever is currently reading this.

3. When angry take a step back


I’ve heard this several times before but hadn’t understood it’s implications till I experienced the benefits myself. I have acted on an impulse out of anger in the past and if you ask me today, I wish, I’d have dealt with the situation differently. Recently, because of an unfavorable situation at work, I felt compelled to express my dis-satisfaction and disappointment. However, I erased whatever I had typed and closed the messenger. I was angry and wasn’t expecting whatever was happening at all. I took a few minutes to reflect on the impact of my message and then re-drafted a more polite response to state my dis-content. Not sure if that helped me to drive across the point but at least, I won’t have to feel burdened because of an impolite response. There will be many reasons which can cause us to feel angry but acting out of anger or not is totally up to each one of us. I have experienced the difference of taking a step back and I believe you shall too.

4. Capturing life’s best memories with shutterbugs


Clicking a pretty selfie is a big yes for me! I enjoy SnapChat filters and looking at old memories. In the past year I also enjoyed clicking pictures of beautiful flowers and greenery, some of which you can take a look at here. The only reason why I list this here as a takeaway is because 20 years down the line, I still want to remember how my years in the 20s were like. I’m going to try and capture all of life’s best moments and every small happiness that comes my way.

5. A solo trip can be truly enriching


In the month of November, on a weekend outing, I got a chance to explore a nearby city all by myself. I’ve been there several times before with family, friends and cousins but never have I ever gone sight-seeing all by myself. I had a day to myself and did not want to miss out on this chance. Picked up my backpack, locked the room and went on to my first destination. I visited the temples nearby, Jain museum, bought passes for lunch and dinner, relished the meals and clicked beautiful pictures. I also shopped for souvenirs and felt like a travel show host! 😉 I also planned to blog about this brief solo trip but couldn’t find time for the same. This year I’ve watched a movie alone, dined in a restaurant alone, took a brief solo-trip. All these things a couple of years ago, I had not even thought possible. But, on doing them, I have realized how much peace there is sometimes in just being with our own company. I wish to inculcate in me, this skill to truly enjoy my own company! Loneliness should never be anyone’s problem and it certainly should not be a reason to not enjoy life. Make friends, join communities, enroll for classes, start a dialogue and more than anything else love your own company.

And I’ll sign off with this…

Ice-creams have phenomenal powers vested in them!


Never under-estimate the power of a creamy frozen dessert! Even while writing the last sentence, I misspelled the words ‘frozen dessert’ a couple of times as I got distracted by visuals in my mind of bowlfuls of ice cream! 😉 (Not Exaggerating) Well, okay this point was not written to just glorify ice creams but to convey the importance of finding a way to deal with stress. To know what your stress-busters are and to know when you need to take breaks. Disconnect when the noise gets too loud and start afresh. For me, quick ice-cream treats once in a while works for minor setbacks. For bigger maladies of the mind, I usually speak with someone who matters, listen to music, take a nap, watch a comedy show/movie, plan an outing with buddies and with time all’s fine.

With that I take your leave, thank you for stopping by and taking out time to read this blog post –

Here’s wishing you a very happy new year full of happy moments, success and good health! May 2018 bring you peace, love and joy! 🙂

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