Theme Reveal: Blogging A2Z Challenge 2019

While everyone has moved on to the next level of writing and scheduling posts, I’m here penning my theme reveal post. But, better late than never right? πŸ™‚

A little backstory –
About two weeks ago I got to know about the Blogchatter A2Z Challenge. The format requires participants to write 26 blogs on each days of the week, except for Sundays. And the blog title should follow the alphabetical order. Day 1 – Title begins with A, Day 2 – Title begins with B and so on. And this year, it’s my first time to participate in this challenge.

I spent hours thinking what should I write about? Will this be too boring? Will that be too tough to maintain consistency? A lot of frantic messages and days passed by without any decision.

All I knew was that I wanted to write something real, something that I believe in – Marketing? Recipes? Jainism? I wanted to write about it all. Especially about human emotions and real life stories. I thought about writing poetry and was almost convinced with the idea of writing about 26 first-time experiences. But, for some reason or the other, the shortlisting and the probing continued.

Finally, I reconsidered a thought that had occurred to me earlier this week – writing about the Hawkers of Kolkata. πŸ™‚ The thought made sense and seemed worth pursuing.

Faces of a lot many hawkers, who I’ve interacted with came to my mind. The favourite muri (a snack made with Indian spices and puffed rice) wale bhaiya who we eagerly used to wait for in our childhood came to my mind. Many in the locality would fondly call him ‘Family’ and he would happily prepare muri in several ways as per everyone’s preference. πŸ™‚ Years went by and I have no idea about his whereabouts but the memory remains! πŸ™‚

Now, I wanted to all the more write about it. Before e-commerce and food delivery apps completely take over these interactions, why not relive a bit of it once again? This time to know more about them, to treasure the indispensable part of Kolkata that defines the culture of the city to a great extent.

I conducted a little research and I was finally convinced to take it up. It’s going to be challenging but I know that I want to do it and that will see me through.

And here’s a quick fact –

HawkersΒ inΒ Kolkata numbering 275,000 generated business worth β‚Ή 87.72 billion (around 2 billion U.S. dollars) in 2005!! Can you believe it?!!
(Source: Wikipedia)

I look forward to bring forth one story a day of a hawker who goes about distributing happiness across the streets and lanes of Kolkata! Sometimes selling delicious snacks, sometimes delivering fresh flowers, sometimes selling day-to-day necessities and sometimes just sharing a smile! No matter how the days go, they keep running the show!

Join me as I re-explore my city of not just hawkers but dreamers and doers. Wishing all the very best to everyone participating! πŸ™‚

Bringing to you Stories of Survival, Dreams and Memories

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  1. You will be giving real life stories or just your experience with them? If you can interact with them and add pictures of them it will be very cool to read.
    Good luck.

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