From The Dawn Of Childhood To The Dusk Of Survival

A crib to lie peacefully in when we were born, a hand to hold when we would fall, fancy dresses and celebrations on our birthdays are some wonderful moments we fondly often remember. The joyous trip to zoological gardens and merry picnics of December furthermore defines the childhood many of us have known. Some of us would paint some of us would sing while many would play the afternoon away trying to win and be the hero in their favorite sport. We were surrounded with love, security, assurance and wishes in our forming years. The grotesque thought of survival struggles or the fear of being slit at the neck would mean only the worst of nightmares. Words such as separation, migration, massacre, wars and political strife were limited only to the books of History. A beautiful dawn is what most of our childhood has always been.
There are however, stories which are a total contrast. The mind-numbing journals of a childhood which was plagued by fear of separation, sound of gun shots, heinous sights of massacres and endless torture of minds yet waiting to bloom and prosper. Here are three events, accounts of which are enough to restructure our beliefs about humanity, mercy and easy survival:

Baltic States Captives & Deportations
Stalin forces became the herald of torture and destruction of the established families of Baltic States. The first story I read about lives of refugees and victims of deportations was a striking case of cruelty which was driven by illogical power procuring missions of ruthless civilians. Lina, portrayed the agonies faced and the firm will to survive which many of the deportees reflected during their tough times at the frozen refugee camps of Siberia. A warm bed to lie in and a feast to relish was a distant thought. Survival was the only necessity for women and children, comprising 1/3rd of the total deportations.

BOOK IN REFERENCE – Between Shades of Grey, Ruta Sepetys

Victims of Sindh Province Partition
In the year of 1947, India was a free nation, but it was a different story for the Sindhis who were forced to deport at the time of partition. Millions of families were disturbed and scattered. Some clinging on to the hope that one day they might reunite with their families. There were not enough resources and adequate systems to cater to the needs of the refugees. The true stories of survival and resurgence of the lives of migrators is a specimen of holding on to faith. 1.1 million Lives were affected and left to heal only with time, and support of government to provide help.


Syrian Civil Wars – Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan
Yesteryears have seen children suffer without any reason, seen innocence end in the face of gaining supremacy by murdering the existence of wishes and faith.  The current age is not spared.  Syrian children are facing similar or even worse conditions. Many nightmarish incidents are spoken about by children currently taking refuge in Jordan on the South of Syria. Children have been slaughtered, tortured with electric shocks, deprived of a normal life and have been mentally wounded for the time to come. Their only wish is to get back normal lives just like other children of the world are living.


After delving into these cases, my home for a moment seems to be a huge blessing I have been endowed with. The opportunities to study and to persevere my way of life a great gift and the meals prepared by my mummy a feast I might have many a times taken for granted.

The ruthless, senseless, merciless and those attackers without a spine, have very successfully crippled the generation, forced them to not anymore believe in humanity and left them to fend for themselves. We still are rich in terms of confidence and strength, a prayer, donations which ensure that there is ample supply of food and resources to develop the basic amenities at the refugee camps and affirming conversations shall ease their pain and add to some relief. Currently, doctors, child counselors and companionship are an imperative requirement at the camp.

If you wish to make donations and help heal the torn world, here is the link –

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