F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion – Monsoon in Summers

The month of May in India spells unbearable, scorching, summer heat and that is how it was until a couple of days ago when the effect of the predicted Cyclone Yaas brought strong winds and moderate to heavy showers in our city. Bringing the temperature down by almost 10 degrees, this change in weather was a much needed relief – very much like the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion during the rising number of cases across the country. We’re currently in lockdown since the past 10+ days and the lockdown has been extended by 15 more days. You can well imagine what this R.E.U.N.I.O.N meant for us.

I waited anxiously looking for ways to watch it ahead of all the spoilers that were waiting to creep up on social media platforms in the form of memes, promos, ads, reviews and more! I spoke with a friend in US and she offered to record the show for me – problem solved, I thought, only to be happily surprised a day later when one of the Indian OTT platforms shared about airing the reunion aligned with the global times. I was overjoyed and couldn’t wait for 27th. I wondered what all 6 of them are going to be like…the trailer had already triggered enough interest.

It was a Thursday and the reunion was to air at 12:32 pm – the apex working hours, right before mom’s scheduled lunch slot. No in between, no escape, no peace of mind to watch it uninterrupted. As I had my lunch, I watched it anyway. 30 mins into the show and I felt the need to stop. Not because it didn’t do justice to all the waiting but because it demanded undivided attention. I cannot watch it like this. And I decided to watch it after office hours or in the weekend and till then I’d avoid the spoilers on social media platforms.

The Weather & This! ❤

Monsoon in Summers 😊

Late night at 12:15 am, I finally got that me time to watch the reunion in peace. And it took me on a roller coaster ride of pure nostalgia, bittersweet memories, ear-to-ear smiles, unrestrained laughter and ‘lump-in-the-throat’ tears. It was a cyclone of good ol’ memories – I remembered the time when years ago I had started seeing this show and how I couldn’t stop…I remember telling my friend – “Today I’m watching the last episode, what am I going to do from tomorrow? What will I look forward to?” This show had me engaged and no number of reruns stole away from the joy. Always promising that they’ll be there for us, 17 years later, all 6 of them were here to make us walk down the memory lane…a bittersweet smile came upon my face as I saw Ross walk around the empty apartment…and then one by one, they all met! It felt like watching the saga of effortless friendship unfold on screen. The faces were different, the physique was different, the personalities were different, but the souls were same. It was a depiction of how we age and with age the bonds acquire deeper, stronger roots. They were meant to be together. They still share the same affection, the same love, the same concern and the same emotion. All of this over the years transformed into a safe sanctum sanctorum for each other. It was sad to see them age but at the same time it was peaceful to see them together…it was heartwarming, it was pure, it was a symbol of pure friendship that had survived the test of time…It would be hilarious to watch Joey go – “Why God, why? We had a deal, let others age, not us!” Watching Jennifer & Schwimmer talk about each other moved me to tears…I don’t know why Chandler was so somber…Phoebe still has that infectious laughter…Monica was as always so perfect, so warm yet so demure. Watching Phoebe comfort Joey when he got emotional was so precious – they’re still the same old Ken Adams & Regina Phalange. I absolutely loved watching Lisa perform Smelly Cat and when she said “I still think it’s good when I’m by myself” she spoke on behalf of all of us! Smelly Cat is hers and always will be. All in all I’m so glad that this reunion happened in my lifetime…it gave a little peek into the future when I shall relive the promised slam book sign off lines and revisit the days when I grew up with my childhood and prime time friends! I remembered so many of you…so many of our days and I hope that you’re all doing well – love you… ❤

The R.E.U.N.I.O.N was a pleasant reminder when the world is going through hardships, in this world of disappointments, in this world of uncertainties – purity of bonds still exist & that it is eternal.

There wasn’t ever a show as simple and yet as phenomenal as this one and I wonder if ever there will be. Thank you Marta Kauffman & David Crane for giving us this timeless gem of a show!

All 6 of them were meant to be together! And this just made me cry…

I’d be forever asking for more…

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  1. Thank you Isha for this one. Although I discovered Friends late and I’m able to watch only a few since i don’t know where to access it from Season 1 epeisode 1, they began to grow on me gradually and now I’m restless to somehow catch the entire series because i am so in love with them. 😋😋


    1. Hi Radhika,

      So good to hear from you after a long time. I was watching the reruns on Netflix. A friend had also shared all the episodes earlier. The first time experience of discovering the characters, plots and twists is so amazing and incomparable. You’re in for a fun ride! 😊👍 In words similar to Monica’s – Welcome to the World of Friends, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry – you’re gonna love it! ❤


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