Liberation of 8.5 Crore Souls

Fagun Sud Teras – A date as per the Gujarati calendar holds immense significance from the viewpoint of Jain history. On this day, Shri Krishna’s sons – Shaambh and Pradyumna along with 8.5 crore other souls attained salvation from the holiest of holy hills – Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj. To mark this day, every year, lakhs of visitors take the 6 Gaon Jatra at Palitana. Devotees offer prayers at the Derasar (temple) of Shaambh and Pradyumna and meditate at the holy water body called Chandan Talavdi. 6 Gaon ni Jatra is a festival that is celebrated every year with great fervour at Palitana. It falls in the months of February or March – this year the date being 7th March 2020. The journey starts from Shri Jay Taleti (the base of Shri Shri Shatrunjay Giriraj) first devotees offer prayers at Shri Adinath Dada’s Darbaar. 6 Gaon ni Jatra starts from Ram Pol. The first deri that comes on the way is of Devaki mata’s 6 sons. This is where all these 6 souls attained salvation after observing great penance. Next stop is Chandan Talavdi, it is a small pond by which devotees do a kausagg of Logassa sutra in a lying down posture. The stop after this is the deri of Shri Ajitnath bhagwaan and Shri Shantinath Bhagwan. It is believed that both the tirthankars had given deshnas (sermons) at this spot.

The last leg of the journey is a climb of the Bhandva Dungar. As per Jain scriptures, Shri Shaambh and Shri Paradyumna arrived to this place after taking diksha under Shri Neminath Dada and started with their aaradhna. On the peak of this hill, on Fagun Sud Teras, alongwith 8.5 crore other saints, they attained salvation and liberation (Moksha) After offering prayers and performing Chaityavandan at this place, devotees now start with their journey towards the base – Siddhvad. Siddhvad is the holy place at ground level where devotees offer prayers and worship at the Dersar next to it. Countless souls have attained salvation under this tree. After completing a journey of almost 12 miles on foot, devotees are welcomed at Siddhvad with great joy. As a mark of respect and deep reverence, the feet of devotees are washed and a tilak is put on everyone’s forehead. Near Siddhvad a large congregation is held with stalls that serve food for everyone.

Points to Note –

1. One must not consume anything while doing the jatra.

2. Decent dress-code should be maintained by everyone.

3. Avoid carrying mobile phones and any other gadgets.

4. Proactively help others taking the yatra.

5. Start with the yatra only at or after 5:30am

6. Go for the yatra barefoot if possible or use socks, canvas footwear only if needed.

Only the blessed get a chance to take this divine yatra and if you’re one of them; make the most of it! 😊

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If anything in this article has offended you or gone against the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir, we sincerely ask for forgiveness. Micchami Dukkadam!

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