Social Media 101: Lessons from a Game of Cricket

Every year, the social group that I’m a member of, organizes a one day Cricket tournament – APL (Arham Premier League) in which men as well as women between the age of 10 to 50 participate. This year’s APL saw 10 teams with 11 members each (9 male players and 2 female players) battle against each other at Space Circle.

I hardly participate in sports activities but it’s a nice recreation sometimes to collaborate with fellow groups members and enjoy a game of Cricket. So, like last year, I participated this year too. An injured hand and the experience of participating in indoor cricket – in retrospect, the match also had a couple of key takeaways that can be applied to improvise social media marketing. I’ve put together some key points from my observation below –










Both Cricket and social media marketing require the participants to be proactive, diligent, hardworking, always up on his/her toes and to keep practicing! And of course, let’s not forget how fun both diverse activities are! 🙂

[All the pictures have been sourced from Google from the free to reuse category]

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