Explaining the Unexplained

I was sitting by the window the other day and was watching the morning activities going on by the roadside. Right under the tree, on the platform, the friendly, neighborhood cobbler was setting up his makeshift shop. A milkman was merrily riding his bicycle, going about his daily chore of delivering fresh milk door to door. His bicycle’s bell had a sharp, shrilling noise to alert the pedestrians. A poor old lady sat by the pavement attending her baby, as she waited for people to give her some alms.

From the window, I watched people going about their activities. Few minutes later, a swanky Mercedes entered the narrow lane. Not a very frequent site, I wondered who could be the elite guest.

There are always so many kinds of people surrounding us, some poor, some wealthy, some hale and hearty, some not so healthy. Some toiling for hours to make ends meet, some simply enjoying the blessings of life with little efforts. Each one of us begin with our days with different sets of ordeals and opportunities. Each one of us, though similar, have many significant differences. Some students work hard to crack the exam, yet don’t succeed, some study for just a couple of hours and manage to crack the exam with ease. 

Difference in brain power, difference in opportunities, difference in physical wellness, difference in financial status, difference in so many things! What is the reason? Why does one have to work so hard while the other can get lucky with a lottery ticket? Why are some kids blessed with loving families, while some have to spend their childhood in neglect?

So one thing is certain, success doesn’t only depend on hard work and hard work doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Luck you would say plays a role, but what is luck and can we earn Good luck?

Can the theory of karma be playing a role? What do you think?

As per Jainism, the theory of karma is not restricted to only current birth, it takes into consideration actions of previous births as well, and our lives are a reflection of actions in previous births. So, it could be that in this particular birth, our actions have been all good and yet life isn’t very favorable, theory of karma explains that maybe in some previous birth, we may have done something in some of our previous births which resulted in the ordeals that we are facing now.

A lot of different cultures explain about good luck, destiny and life after birth. I have grown up believing in the Jain philosophy and I shall try to share interesting, true, short tales that further shed some light on the concept.

Do you have any such stories or experiences to share? Do you believe in karma theory? Do you believe in life after death? Does the disparity often raise questions in your mind?

In the coming week, I look forward to share my 2nd solo recording! 🙂 Have you heard the previous one? Check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Explaining the Unexplained

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  1. I completely agree Isha. The world is not alike but complements are required for a lot of reasons. If there was no Ravana would we have Ram or if there was no evil would we understand the desire for what is right? Maybe that is why the imbalance. For me karma is all pervading.

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    1. Hi Sonia,
      Agreed. The negative helps us appreciate the positive. When faced with adverse situations, we often have the question ‘Why’ in our minds and I feel the karma theory answers this question.

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