Xerox copy of his father!

Manish has the same shrill voice, the same gait and a similar dressing style – said my dadi. Sharing a resemblance with his father and continuing with his business, Manish was the kulfi wala who visited our locality in the evenings.

Carrying a huge container full of ice and molds of creamy kulfi, he was hard to miss. Singing – Kulfiiii, malaiwalaaa just like his father, Manish had been selling kulfis door to door since 20 yrs. now.

I remember him ever since I began with going to school.

Serving delectable kulfi in a thermocol plates, drizzled with Rooh Afza and falooda, his kulfis were a delight and the perfect recipe to beat the summer heat.

He also would cater for birthday parties and weddings. During summers, his sales were on the higher side while during winters he would be left with time in hand to pursue an alternate option.

I don’t anymore live in the same locality but while writing about this, I’m reminded of his singsong voice and the friendly demeanour that he had. I’m sure he must be visiting the locality even today with a stock of kulfis!

Pic Courtesy: The Beacon Kolkata


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