Navigating Life’s Journey

The world that we live in often imposes on us many beliefs. What we must do, why we must do, what we must not do, what is wrong, what is right – the list is endless. Surrounded by people who are ready to share unsolicited advice and direct the course of our life – meeting Naresh was a breath of fresh air. Manning a stall of cotton outfits at Brabourne Road, Naresh believes in living a life that is stress free, simple and enriching.

Rows of daily cotton wear were on display at his stall. The pathway was filled with shoppers who were all out and about looking for their necessities or maybe some retail therapy? Naresh called out to people, trying to bring to their attention the shirts and t-shirts that were on display. He spends nearly an hour to set it up everyday! The bustle of Brabourne Road was for him his essence of feeling alive.

As I stood there watching him effortlessly perform the tasks, two women passed by his stall to whom Naresh called out – ‘Boudi, bolo ki lagbe?’ (Tell me bhabhi, what do you need?) To this much to my amazement, one of the women turned around and replied – ‘Keno sobai ke boudi boudi bole daako? Abibahita meyera ki kenakata kore na?’ (Why do you’ll address every women as bhabhi? Unmarried women don’t go about shopping?!) Everyone around stopped for a moment to take a look at the young lady who seemed to have a valid point to make; while Naresh tried to recover from the mild shock. As the lady started walking away, a spontaneous response came from behind – Didi, bolo ki lagbe didi? (Sister, what are you looking for? What do you need?) The smile on Naresh’s face was unmissable!

Naresh came across as a man who doesn’t believe in encouraging disputes, take life’s several episodes as learning experiences and holds to his sense of humor at most of the times.  He went on to share that he is a graduate and had secured good percentage. My immediate thought was – Then why this? Why here? Gauging by the look on the face, he went on to add – ‘It is peaceful here.’ Puzzled about the cars honking around, shoppers and sellers haggling. a constant buzz that enlivened the street – I wondered – Did I have the wrong definition of the word ‘Peace’ all this while? While I tried to make sense of the statement, he added –

‘I don’t have to deal with the stress of a workplace, I’m my on boss, I work at my own pace and that is liberating for me!’

Peace! Of course, how could I have missed that? The statement made complete sense. Naresh had his priorities straight and he is navigating his life’s journey on his own terms; leaving aside the prejudices of the society.

The incident reminded me of the fisherman’s story who chased not materialistic goals but reveled in his choice of life; making enough to lead a comfortable, healthy life!

As I conclude my 14th blog for the BlogchatterA2Z Challenge, I’d like to leave a few questions to reflect on – While navigating our life’s journey, what do we end up prioritizing more? How much is it worth it? Do we set aside time for the moments and tasks that matter the most?

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