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Earlier this month, I along with 3 other friends, went for a short 4 day trip to the City of Destiny. It was my first all girl’s trip after school days. A lot of beautiful places to see, Vizag can truly amaze you with its diversity. The city folks are blessed with beautiful beaches to spend their mornings and evenings at. Over our 4 day stay, we made sure to enjoy the beach-side as much as possible. To witness the sunrise or maybe the sunset, to get drenched in the salt water or to simply let the sand flow through our feet. My camera also was quite busy that day. Boomerangs, SnapChat, Instagram Stories and lot more it had to cover. We went to the beach thrice and it was on the first day when I completely fell for it. Couldn’t take my eyes off the horizon, wondering how far does it go? How would it be to surf the tide? Does the Moon in the sky converse with the waves often? The very first day at the beach was indeed special.

That day I caught a glimpse of a world that I often daydreamed about. Closer to the Paradise that I would often run towards, away from the city chaos – a rendezvous it was between the Sea and Me, the day I set my feet on the beach.

I met myself on that not so ordinary day, I spoke with me about the many unsaid wishes and plans, smiled at the follies that I was once ignorant about, took a journey back to the simpler times, to the childhood of fond memories when making sand castles and feeling the wind in my hair were few of the greatest joys.

The waves lashed, sky changed hues, the sand flowed through my feet and I with a smile, took a deep breath to let life cast it’s charm around me.

RK Beach – Vizag
Girls On A Trip – Beach Day – RK Beach
The Beautiful City of Vizag as seen from Kailashgiri Hills
The waves, city folks, skies and me!

Soon, I shall be writing about our trip in details. In the meanwhile, I’d love to know about your beachscapades! πŸ™‚

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    1. πŸ™‚ Infrequent vacations further magnifies the effect of a vacation! Even a highway and roadside dhaba can work wonders for a parched, wanderlust soul! 😜 What do you prefer more? Beaches or the mountains?


      1. Can’t decide on one!

        The Moon in the sky that played with the waves

        The footprints on the sand which the waves came and erased

        The fierceness of the waves which I think we’re trying to tell us that you cannot challenge me!

        The beautiful and endless horizon which linked the sky and the sea. It looked like a perfect stage for the Sun to perform every morning and evening!

        The laughter of friends and family that filled up the air

        I’d tell you if there was just one… πŸ™‚


  1. If I ever had a chance, i would leave everything just to build a small shack near the beach and spend the rest of days there until i take my last breathe. That’s how much i love beaches. My best and memorable experience at the beach is from my trip to Thailand.

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    1. And witness the sunset and the sunrise everyday! How mundane are the lives that we live in cities. Nature reveals a totally different side of us! Agree? Thailand I’ve heard is beautiful with clear blue waters…I’ve been to only Mandarmani and the Chennai and Vizag beaches. Want to visit Seychelles!

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  2. Breath-taking pictures. I loved reading about your experience. Staying in Goa, I know what joy the sun and sand can bring along. It is an instant mood elevator, isn’t it?

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      1. Yes I did, and it was magical….:)……the food at the Duspalla was amazing….such huge thalis at such rock bottom prices, in regal settings….Duspalla is a must visit in Vizag…

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  3. My wife, daughter and the rest of her extended family visited Vizag a few years back and they came back with tales of the wonderful beaches and the Bora caves and how much they had loved it all. Unfortunately due to some official commitments I could not go with them. Shall definitely visit Vizag sometime…

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    1. Oh that’s wonderful! Hope they got to visit Araku as well! 😊 You can also consider visiting the beautiful Horsely Hills or Lamasingi too! I’ll be including details about it in my next blog.


    1. Beaches are simply the best places to spend evenings at! Before going, I had not much expectations from Vizag but it turned out to be one of the most memorable of trips partly I’m sure that is because it was my first all girl’s trip! 😊


  4. Grew up close to the beach but now hardly go there. I have never been yo Vizah altho I live close by but as kids my uncle used to take all of us to Machilipatnam beach and my husband to Chirala or Bapatle. Both are gone now but still, all my fantasies centre around beaches…they fascinate me. The sound of the waves is the best music to my ears. #wordsmithkaurreads

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    1. Hi Kalpana, it’s the charm of the beach that worked like magic on me and effortlessly the words came to my mind. Age is certainly just a number when it comes to travel experiences I feel. 😊 Following your blog too!

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      1. Absolutely…Beaches do that to you! The vastness and the horizon just makes you seem like a minuscule dot in the whole scheme of things. It puts things in perspective for us. No wonder people visit beaches to calm themselves down…And yes i agree that age is just a number. Works for me…haha.

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  5. A poetic post on a day at the beach, Isha! It is obvious that the beach fascinated you all. I did my 11th in Vizag, and know that it is a lovely city. Looking forward to more posts from you.
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

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    1. Hello Deepti! Thank you so much for sparing a moment to share your thoughts! 😊 Vizag is indeed lovely! Do you have a favourite holiday of yours that I can read about?


  6. Whenever we travel we travel either to the beach or towards the hills. My best memory was from the Radhanagar beach in the Havelock Island, Andaman, it’s the most beautiful beach with a big shoreline and beautiful white sands.

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