A girl waits anxiously…

With just a couple of days to go for the most awaited, suspense saga to air, I would like to share my experience of this spine-chilling show.
Sounds of galloping horses, melodies of sonorous musical score and sights of stoic close-ups and dripping swords often seem to run in our minds at the mention of Game Of Thrones. The master of storytelling that Sir George R.R Martin is, he knows every trick to keep his audience immensely curious and then surprises them with a befitting plot twist which just has us asking for more! I ask, Sir, do you take responsibility for all the goosebumps that me, along with millions of other viewers experience at your masterpiece’s cliffhangers? :p While discussing a marketing strategy, all that runs in my mind are unsolved mysteries of the town of Westeros and the sorrow of my favorite character having to make an unexpected exit from the show. Is it fair, I ask? Is it justified to let your loyal audience suffer? I can now almost hear him say ‘Valar Morghulis’ to my banter! 😀 What makes me even more excited for season 7 is that it will be airing on my birthday! Once again after a year long wait, we will be able to enjoy Ramin Djwadi’s renditions and gape at the striking sets of the seven kingdoms while analyzing the moves of the characters.
My opinions about the show were much different even till 2015.
It was for me a show which I’d thought I’ll never watch, but curiosity caught me and instead of judging without watching I thought of giving it a shot to know what the buzz is all about for real. By season 2 I was completely hooked. I’d watch it when I commuted, after office and practically whenever I had time. In a month and a half, I completed the roller coaster ride which made me acquainted to the seven kingdoms, the wall, free cities and myriad of character sketches. What furthermore kept me glued were the mind blowing soundtracks. Can’t get over them. The brilliant story line is indeed something you’ll probably believe in only if you watch it. And did I enjoy all the brutal murders and executions? No, I just didn’t focus on them. For someone like me who has a very limited attention span, completing one entire show of 60 episodes each almost an hour long is nothing less than an achievement 😝 Anxiously waiting for July 17th!

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