Left Beyond… With Hope Still Burning Bright

Some years back I stepped into college with a wish to meet and know people of all kinds. Till I was in school I had known my friendly friends but I suppose I was yet to see the  Friendliest friends and the Masked friends. I had just started being on my own. The shy attribute of me being a little more dominant, I don’t recall making the first move to make friends. However, I always wished to make new friends, the kind of friends who would be there to say a friendly hello till the end!
I recall a few such moments when the first hello was exchanged. It was sweet. It meant the beginning of a potentially life long friendship. (that’s the kind of trust I tend to have on a selected few people)
I can warn you at this stage that it can get precarious once you have won my trust 😉
Well, is it not expectation when you wait for a reply? Is it not expectation when you wait for your cousins to wish at midnight? Is it not expectation when you believe in all the manifestos which the candidates so cleverly draft? Is it not expectation when you are used to see your pet wait for you every evening? And is it no expectation when you think everything will be good again?
I wonder how easily we can without realizing expect from everything & everybody around us but preach about not expecting anything.
We Certainly Live In A Funny World.
A girl is expected to show a flash of attitude if she doesn’t want to be taken for granted and is only then said to be dignified. Its like trusting somebody totally and yet showing attitude. Isn’t it then better of to be just acquaintances?
Some friends move on and sometimes, we choose to move on. Then everything one fine day falls into place. Its a crazy ride. A phase of uncertainity is how this time  will be remembered.
When these episodes tend to make a re-run in my life, they leave me confused. I’m at my wit’s end on being friends with them again.
I’m sure as a summary we’d believe that after a span of time expectations transform into hope, hope which doesn’t hurt but helps us go on. Nothing definite and yet everything.
The best thing which can ever happen is to realize that if we want there are a number of awesome people out their to befriend and being equipped with your hobbies can mean the world! A way to grow and live life to the fullest! 🙂
I’m well ahead, with hope in my heart and no worry about my past taking steps to make my dreams come true! 🙂

SteppingStones (Small)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gargi says:

    Hey! You are ‘certainly not crappy’!

    1. Isha says:

      Haha..Thank you! 🙂

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