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A warm hello to everyone!

In the last few months I have been evolving as a Web User. From the newbie I have successfully climbed up to the level of being a Familiar User. Day by day it became a more interesting journey to crawl on the web. To keep up with the pace of what web has to offer, everyday was a new experiment. Sometimes the challenge was to create an attractive infographic, sometimes the urge was to develop videos to inspire. When the written words of the blogs were not so impressive, transforming them into presentations quite became the instant choice. To aid these web needs, a variety of brilliantly conceptualized web applications helped me. Here I would like to list a few totally impressive ones!

My strong right sided brain has often found the logically crafted infographics a great way to drive across a point effectively. Choose from the themes suitable for different purpose or browse through the gallery of infographics to satiate your cells of curiosity and add to some inspiration for your next project! is certainly going to be your best friend for visual content.

Making a switch from the good ol’ Powerpoint Point Presentation to the visually appealing Prezi certainly seems a welcome change! Prezi comes with the additional features of pan and zoom which when worked up with creative juices gives amazing results. You must once try it to know it! While PPT’s are quick to edit, with Prezi you take few minutes extra. For the ones wishing to work offline, Prezi also provides offline version! Ideas Certainly Matter with them!


3. Evernote
With the constant deadlines and the forever running shortage of time, forgetting tasks is a common occurrence. It has often happened with me when at the end of the day I retire to sleep, my brain starts thinking of what was forgotten and what is still pending.. On June, 24th 2008, Stephen Pachikov, came up with a brilliant solution for many like me! Evernote since then have been my constant companion to organize ‘to-do lists’ and plan events.


4. Mailchimp
Yet again a software to inspire creativity, with MailChimp I can easily notify, wish, share and create mails which are not dull, drab and boring! The interface is easy to use and under the forever free plan one can send mails to 2000 subscribers! Impressive!! MailChimp certainly gets brownie points from me to let me add my creativity to mails without much hassle.


5. Smilebox
I used once and then I used it forever! Lastly, I add the software which has let me add the personal touch to my greetings, invitations, festive celebrations and birthdays! Smilebox certainly makes you ditch the older ways of sending greeting cards and you shall be in no time a loyal user! A reason to smile for iphone users, as they have recently introduced the iphone app! The website is a neat presentation and you also have an offline version to download! Try it out!


The journey for developing creativity maybe just begins but the quest for searching such impressive web and cloud based applications continues. If you know of any more such applications, please share!

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